Bricks and such

Long time, no write! Life is careening ahead at crazy speed. I was going to write about brick choices back in July, so there is no better time than the present. 2 months late.

We went out to both PGH and Austral bricks and ended up with a couple of choices from PGH – Engage and Unwind. The sun was super bright on the day so like good little prospective home builders we took a sample of each brick to take a look at when we weren’t being blasted with UV rays and squinting. That was back in the Aussie summer, January or some such. I can’t remember now. It was hot and it was really bright, anyway. We weren’t ready to go ahead at that stage so we left the 2 bricks in a canvas back in a dark corner of the study and forgot about them.

IMG_6909Engage on the left, Unwind on the right, no idea what the middle one is.

IMG_6911Basically, at the time of choosing we could not tell the difference between the two, hence why we decided to wait until later.

Imagine our surprise in July, some 5 or 6 months later, when we took the two bricks out of the bag and were greeted with this:


The one on the left is Engage, the salmon one in the middle is an Austral brick whose name I can’t remember and which got rejected for being too pink, and the one on the right is Unwind. Needless to say our final choice was Unwind because at least that one doesn’t seem to have changed colour as much while sitting in a bag in the dark. The picture doesn’t do the colours justice but Unwind has changed the least from when we originally viewed the bricks.

I’ll put up a colours page soon. Life is a bit hectic right now as our plans went to council on September 3, so we’re busy packing and preparing to move into temporary rental accommodation in the near future. Time to tart up this blog! We have the kitchen appointment on Monday (21 Sep), then tiles on next Saturday (26 Sep) and finally colours on Monday after (28 Sep). I’ll try to keep up the posting enthusiasm and get something up on a colours and choices page.


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