Tiles, tiles, tiles!

We are so close to signing the contract that we can smell it. Which is why we decided to go out to Don’s Tiles and PGH Bricks to do some brick and tile choosing.

First up we headed to Don’s Tiles. Once we had figured out that the GPS had taken us to the wrong place, then found the right place with good old footwork and amateur detective work, we got down to the business of bathroom time selection.

“The ones with the red sticker are included, the blue stickers are $10 more per square metre and the prices go up from there” we were told. My general approach is that if you have to ask the price then you probably can’t afford it so we stuck to the red and blue stickers.


This one was easy. Instantly my favourite and we both agreed that it would be perfect for the main bathroom.


We both quite like this one but are not sure whether the marbling on the tiles will bother us in the long term. Does it look like the tiles are dirty? We love the accent tiles. You can’t see it there but some of them are a metallic silver and give a really awesome effect.


This one is a classic black and white and subject to much debate at the moment because I’m not sure that I like it and R really wants it. We might have to arm wrestle or scissors paper rock for it.


This set has floor tiles that match our main hallway times and thus would be good in the downstairs powder room. Undecided but a definite contender.

Once back at home, we took out the calculator and realised that to upgrade all the bathroom tiles to blue stickers would cost $200 at most per bathroom. So it’s back out to Don’s this coming weekend to have another go at choosing tiles and to confirm whether we are still happy with our initial choices. Plus there is still the laundry… I know we get a 3 hour “colours appointment” for this but we would rather use that to confirm final choices than feel pressured to make first choices.

(Adventures in brick choices are in the next post)


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